The premise of every therapist is, primarily, to do no harm. It is important for every client to know that we take their health and safety seriously. This is an outline of the precautions we take to ensure that the risks to clients and facilitators are as low as possible.

Client requirements

  1. Clients, participants and facilitators are required to use a self-administered antigen or lateral flow test within 24 hours prior to the appointment or event. These are available free online or from a local chemist.
  2. Clients are encouraged to wear a mask while entering the clinic and in the waiting area.
  3. Sanitizing hands on entering the clinic and on leaving the premises is a primary way of preventing the transfer of infections and is also encouraged.
  4. A pre-appointment Covid-19 screening form will be sent by email to be completed, signed and returned on the day.

Facilitator Actions

  1. I, Lucy Williams, Trainer and Facilitator, have had the Covid-19 vaccination and boosters. I do not require my clients to do so.
  2. During a session, I and other facilitators, will wear a mask when in close proximity (one metre) of my client. My client is not required to wear a mask during the session.
  3. The clinic, Synergy Holistic, has a protocol for cleaning touchpoints within the clinic on a daily basis, which I follow.
  4. Prior to appointments the surfaces in the therapy room are cleaned and materials used are replaced between clients.

At Group Events

  1. The above client requirements should be followed.
  2. The venue chosen will have enough space and ventilation to ensure distancing during the event.
  3. As the organizer, I will supply test kits to be used during the Personal Seminar week. Retesting will happen on the morning of day 2.
  4. Materials and equipment will be personalised for each client.
  5. In the event of a positive result during the week, a CPR swab test appointment will be organised for confirmation.
  6. When further travel is not permitted due to a positive CPR swab test, arrangements have been agreed with the venue to provide accommodation, food and support during the isolation period which will be paid for by the client.