My experience of Transformational Breath®

I initially heard about breathwork from a friend of a friend who was raving about it in the middle of a busy reception area. When I bumped into this friend again he was still raving about it and, me being a frustrated, tried-every-diet-and-detox asthmatic, I felt it would be worth a try.

I became a case-study for this budding Transformational Breath® facilitator. Each breathing session cleared my lungs of catarrh and had me floating in a serene place of tranquillity. It felt like oxygen was fizzing through my body and out of my hands and feet.

My experience was truly transformative. Having had chronic asthma since I was a teenager, struggling with exhaustion, chest infections and allergies, I had not breathed normally since I was in my early teens running the 800 metres at the school sports day.

I signed up for the Personal levels 1-3 Seminar. A week of amazing insights and realisations. By the end of the week I had so much energy, I felt like Superwoman. The experience of space in my chest, as I breathed freely and easily, literally had me ‘high as a kite’.

Would you like to be full of energy again, happy and confident and enjoying your work?

Breathwork helps because it is a safe way to connect to yourself without judgement. It is all about meeting your needs for peace of mind and relaxation, energy, warmth and support.


Certified Facilitator in Transformational Breath®
Certified Trainer in Transformational Breath®
Postgraduate Diploma in Cancer Care Nursing; RGN; RNLD
Diploma in Naturopathic Herbal Medicine
Diploma in Advanced Iridology
Diploma in Advanced Reflexology
Reiki Master
Certificate in Bach Flower Remedies

Professional Memberships

Transformational Breath Foundation UK
Royal College of Nursing
Irish Register of Herbalists
Association of Reflexologists

my interests outside work

I have been a historical reenactor since 2012. Learning many ‘old skills’ such as drop-spindle spinning, rune reading and nal binding.

I run herbal workshops to demonstrate various uses like making creams, salves, soap, tinctures and syrups.

I love foraging and walking in the hills and countryside.

I am part of a Women’s Longboat rowing team and we manage to win the Stranmillis Longboat races fairly regularly as Valhalla’s Vixens.