Transformational Breath® Seminar

To dive, deeply into your personal transformation process in an uplifting and supported way, choose this Personal levels 1-3 course.

A week of breathwork for self-discovery and building deeper self-awareness to empower you to expand your vision of your future and connect to a loving sense of Self.

We provide the Transformational Breath® Personal Levels 1-3 collectively as a 6-day Seminar in a beautiful residential setting that supports profound and beautiful experiences. The Seminars are led by Senior Trainer Brian Williams, and are held at Bryansford Cottage, Newcastle. N. Ireland in the picturesque Mourne mountains.

For more information please click the link for Brian Williams’ Transformational Breath® website. https://www.brianwilliams.xyz/

Extending your stay at Bryansford cottage is available by contacting the venue directly. https://www.bryansfordcottage.com/

Completing the three Personal Levels is a requirement if you wish to train as a Facilitator in Transformational Breath®.


£1300 + £460 for food and accommodation

Early bird 20% discount available when booked 2 months in advance.

More information at https://www.brianwilliams.xyz/

Request a registration form from me via the contact link on this website.